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Berserk (Episode 25) - Griffith

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@caffeineanddisillusionment said: there is the whole argument of ‘they stood the test of time’ which is fair enough in a lot of cases but people have always been real fucking dumb and have always loved bullshit some classics are just bullshit the twilight comparision is A+

yeah i feel and like u try and talk about like the flaws in the characters and stories and theyre like ‘but theyre UNIVERSAL and have stooD THE TEST OF TIME’ like that’s an excuse for shitty writing like nah son this is boring and lame and sO bad and i wanna talk about it and the only reason its stood the test of time is bc pretentious ppl like u keep bringing them up at dinner parties

EXACTLY and some people will like shoot you if you’re like ‘hemmingway culd write but i don’t enjoy him that much because he was misogynistic as fuck’ or ‘some of dickens’ work was good but some is also so goddam boring’ and things like. alice in wonderland was fun and stuff and i am glad it exists because there have been some cool as fuck adaptions of it but how the hell is that book considered literary how the hell did it survive what the HELL what is ‘classic’ literature

yeah omg like bro it was literally a childrens book like dont even gemme started (cough why i cant stand ppl who love disney tbh like son doesnt make u look profound okay) like jsut bc its like 100 years old doesnt make it good i mean look at france

EXACTLY LIKE I SIT HERE LIKE ‘u want a profound childrens book read peter pan just because it’s harder to read and less like a drug trip’ ugh i literally think that might be the appeal that people are all like ‘teehee drugs’ (i feel u on the disney thing like i like disney but that’s just because i find them entertaining it doesn’t make u look cool or deep to like children’s films what even is that thought process)
look at any 100 year old man they’re normally racist and falling apart by that point

like just bc a writer was depressed doesnt make them profound or good like its like how u complain about how ppl write abotu their girlfriends u know like idk idk we should be both teaching people to appreciate the history of literature but also introduce them into the future like encourage their creativity teach them less about structure and more about expression (screams I FAILED MY YEAR 11 SHORT STORY LEMME TELL U A THING) like yeah dont tell them they express badly but fuckin help them and teach them how writing progresses how writers use modern prose dont make them feel bad bc htey didnt leave in the time when women could be sold as slaves and people beat their kids like





so guess who got mega bored and didnt wanna do homework or anything at all


(that’s who)

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